Portland to Glacier


Ride: Portland to Glacier
Organizer: Susan France
Date: July 20, 2011 (Wednesday)
Start Time: 5:00 AM.
Finish Time: 75 Hrs Later
Start Location: McMenamin's Edgefield,Troutdale, OR
Destination: Whitefish, MT
Entry Fee: $40.
Support: This ride is unsupported. If you abandon, you will be responsible for getting yourself to wherever you need to go. Most likely this will be hitch-hiking to a city big enough to have a bus station. Also, note that cell service is extremely limited along the entire route.
   Preliminary Route (Excel)
   Topo Profiles (pdf)
   Coeur D Alene Trail Map (pdf)
This is a point to point route starting in Troutdale, OR and finishing in Whitefish, MT just outside Glacier National Park.

The brevet start, Troutdale is easily accessable via public transport.There are several motels along Frontage Rd including a Motel 6, and Holiday Inn Express. The area is a major truck stop for I-84. Check with Edgefield if you want to leave your vehicle parked there. This may not be allowed as the parking lots are usually full on weekends. It is strongly suggested that you not leave a vehicle in Troutdale, but instead make your way to the start via riding, public transportation or have someone drop you off the night before or early morning.

The brevet finishes in Whitefish, MT. Check with Amtrak about train service and bike box purchases.

Recommended overnights: M&M Motel. Connell, WA (400k), Kellogg, ID (700k) or Wallace, ID (717k). The next town with a motel past Connell is Colfax (530k). Wallace is a short distance past Kellogg, but then there is a stretch of over 70 miles with absolutely no services of any kind until Thompson Falls, You may of course, bring your own support and they can meet you at controls. Controls are generally spaced 100-150k apart.

Day 1 (400k) - Columbia River Scenic Hwy, Crown Point, Waterfalls including Multnomah, Bridge of the Gods, you are along the Columbia River as far as Plymouth, WA. Climb up over the big bump via Clodfelter and down to Kennewick/Pasco. Leaving Pasco, last stop light until Kalispell, MT near the finish. North out of Pasco via Glade Rd. Those familar with Cascade 1200 in Eastern Washington will feel at home. Suggested vernight in Connell. Early arrivals can eat at the restaurant on site. There is a 24Hr Sunmart 1 blk from the hotel. Statistics say you will have a tailwind, but we didn't in 2007. If it is an off day and you have a east wind it will be very hot, dry and you may be wondering what the organizer had in mind.Controls: Troutdale, Lyle, Roosevelt, Kennewick and Connell .

Day 2 (300k) - Washtucna Coolee, the rolling Palouse, 53 miles of the Coeur D Alene bike trail. The scenery changes several times during the day. Towns are small and services limited but available during daylight hours. Loved the rolling, curvy, green hills and roads of the Palouse. Before you get started on the CDA trail be sure to stock up with food and water in Plummer. The trail is truly remote from roads and you'll be on it for 53 miles, most likely during night hours. Since they don't have foglines on paved trails, good lights are essential. But no need to worry about the nightime drivers. This trail, opened in 2004, is smooth, flat and no where near vehicular traffic until you near Kellogg. Suggested overnight is in Kellogg or Wallace. You roll off the trail into bed, almost. Controls: LaCrosse (Info), near Colfax (Info), Colfax, Plummer, Kellogg.

Day 3 (300k) - Dobson Pass, Thompson Pass, North Fork River, a high wide valley (strong crosswinds), big rollers along Flathead Lake. The climbing starts 2 miles out of Wallace and continues for 4 miles. It is steepest near the top. The downhill is rough, curvey and steep. Thompson Pass is more gradual, but again steep near the top. Both passes are just under 5000 elevation. It is gradual downhill along the North Fork river, scenery is wonderful. After leaving Plains, climb for 5 miles to a plateau. There were generally strong crosswinds in this high wide valley. Be sure to stop in Lone Pine Grocery to stock up on water and food (including Idaho Spuds candy bars). At mp 44 it is downhill to Flathead Lake. Lots of big rollers along the lake. Not much in the way of services. If nothing is open in Lakeside, stop at the restrooms on the right to fill up on water. Next stop Kalispell. We skirt through town on residential streets with lots of stop signs. Anything you need can be found on neighbooring US-93 or US-2. The route finishes traveling Whitefish Stageline Rd which parallels US-93 to Whitefish. Controls: near Pickard (Info), Plains, Whitefish (finish).

All riders should be familiar with and abide by rider expectations.

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