Barlow Trail 300K


Ride: Barlow Trail 300
Organizers: Michael Wolfe
Date: Saturday, September 26
Start Time: 6:00 AM
Registration Time: 05:00AM-05:45AM
Start Location: Best Western Sandy Inn
Address: 37465 Highway 26, Sandy OR
Finish By: 02:00 (2:00AM)
Entry Fee: $10 ($15 for non-RUSA members). Checks should be payable to "Oregon Randonneurs", also, Oregon Randonneurs membership is required for this event. You can download a membership form and bring it with you.

Yes, lights, leg bands and vest/sash are required!

This ride starts at a new location for the Oregon Randonneurs, the Best Western Sandy Inn. The ride starts by crossing US 26, then taking back roads to OR 211 to Estacada. From Estacada, riders follow the Clackamas River upstream via OR 224 and Faraday Road. Don't miss the turn-off onto Faraday Road at the sign indicating PGE's Westside Hydro Project -- if you're going up a huge hill, you've gone too far.

OR 224 takes riders at river grade to Ripplebrook Ranger station, and just past that the route turns left onto NFD 57, along the Oak Grove Fork of the Clackamas. Just before 57 turns gravel, riders turn left onto NFD 58. This will be familiar to participants in last year's Timothy 200. However, rather than ascending 58 for 7 miles, on this ride riders will turn right on NFD 5810 (about 1 mile up), which, while it's still a stiff climb, shaves off several hundred feet of elevation versus the climb up to High Rock. The first control will be staffed by Oregon Randonneurs volunteers, at Anvil Creek crossing. Sevices in this stretch are available at Estacada, Promontory Park, and Rippelbrook.

Beyond Anvil Creek, riders will have a short descent to and around Timothy Lake, getting a chance to see it up close this time. The course takes you up NFD 42 to US 26, where you're on the highway (mostly descending) for a few miles, until turning off at OR 216. OR 216 is a fun descent, though there are some climbs interspersed in the downhill. As you lose elevation and head east, you'll find that your shade is coming less and less from Douglas Firs, and more from pines. Then, just past Pine Grove, the grade flattens out, and you'll find yourself cruising over Eastern Oregon farmland. At the end of this stretch, you have a twisty descent into Maupin, the second control. Services on this leg are sparse, but you can resupply at Pine Grove, Wapinitia, and of course, Maupin.

From Maupin, the course crosses the Deschutes, turns left sharply onto Bakeoven Road briefly, and then left again onto the Deschutes River Access Road. It's a pleasant, flat cruise to Sherar's Falls (and an info control to keep everyone honest), then across the river and up the ravine into Tygh Valley. Some rollers take you into the village of Tygh Valley, and then the road winds up the cliffside to the plateau between the White River and Badger Creek. After a fairly tough pull up out of the valley, the road levels off for several miles and then you're in Wamic, the next control. Tygh Valley is the only resupply opportunity between Maupin and Wamic, and there's nothing from here on out until Government Camp, so fill up!

A few miles out of Wamic, the trees (and shade, potentially) return, which should be welcome as it's likely to be hot. The uphill grade does, too, though. This is a long, quiet stretch, and you're climbing Mt. Hood for the second time today, so expect to take a while. Don't let the frost heaves and cattle guards make you crazy! Eventually, you'll come to a crest, and have a long, fast descent down to the junction with NFD 43. You'll keep going on the same road, but you're in the White River's drainage now, and in the home stretch -- just 9 miles to go before the top of the ride.

At the top, NFD 48 T's at OR 35. Make a left, and enjoy the descent to Barlow Pass, and beyond that, down to US 26. It's an unpleasant couple miles up to Government Camp on US 26, but once you're there (at the last control before the finish), you're home free. Get your card signed (if you have time, at the Mt. Hood Brewing Company -- the food is great, and the water is unbelievable), and get ready to rip the last leg. There are a couple miles of climbing out of the Sandy River drainage, but it's really fast for the most part -- don't be surprised to finish in less than 2 hours after you leave Government Camp. Finish is at the Best Western Sandy Inn, same as the start.

Pre-ride Report: Michael Wolfe's August before the heat wave ride report.

Cue Sheet: PDF or XLS format.

All riders should be familiar with and abide by rider expectations.

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