Covered Bridges 200K/400K


Ride: Covered Bridges 200K/400K
Organizer: Susan France 503-628-7324
Date: Saturday,June 14
Who's Riding?: Registered Riders
Start Time: 6:00 AM Registration Time 05:00AM to 05:50AM
Entry Fee: 400K: $10 (+$5 non-RUSA members)
Entry Fee: 200K: $0 (Oregon Randonneurs Members only)
Checks should be payable to "Oregon Randonneurs", also, Oregon Randonneurs membership is required for this event. You can download a membership form and bring it with you. Register Now!
Medals: ACP brevet medals will not be sold. You will be able to purchase these directly from RUSA.
Start/End Location (both): Newberg Travelodge
Address:2816 Portland Rd (99W), Newberg, OR
Directions & Travelodge Info: Newberg Travelodge

Special Notes: This route is nicely serviced so there is no need for on-route support... so we've reduced the fee to cover any food and drinks avalable at the finish. We will have 1 room at the Travelodge Saturday night for the group. The room will be used for checkin, showers (400k riders), and naps for those who need it. Bring your own towel! No towel, not shower. We encourage you to nap before attempting any driving, please!

This is a "Favorite Route". The 400K route starts just north of the Willamette River and heads south into the Willamette Valley as far a McKenzie. The route is fairly flat, and in some locations, dead flat. Controls will be in Scio, Sweet Home, Mohawk Post, Harrisburg and Independance. You'll see a 6 7 covered bridges, lots of farms, some forests and generally you're very close to the Willamette River.

The 200K event with the 400K and you'll follow the same course as far as Scio Leaving the fun of Scio, you then head back north to Newberg by way of Jefferson, Aumsville, and Gervais.

In and about Newberg. There is a 24-Hr Sharis and usual Fast Food fare. Pascale's Italian is a pizza and pasta favorite for years.

Final June 10 CueSheets:

All riders should be familiar with and abide by rider expectations.

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