RUSA 10th Anniversary Brevet(200k) and Populaire (100k)


Ride: RUSA 10th Anniversary Brevet and Populaire
Organizer: Susan France
Date: Saturday, August 16
Time: Start Time: 7:00AM Registration Time 6:00AM - 6:45AM
Start Location: Wilshire Park, Portland OR
Address: NE 35th and Skidmore
Entry Fee: $0 (Nada, Zilch) We'll put out the donation can to cover expenses.
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Medals: We will have (25) 10th Anniversary medals at the finish for $6 each. You must be a RUSA member to purchase a medal. If we run out, you will be able to purchase these directly from RUSA.
Who's Riding? Pre-registered Riders
Driving Directions: TBD.

Workers Ride Report: TBD after Aug 11


This ride starts Wilshire Park in NE Portland. We first head due North on 33rd, straight for the Columbia River. From there head east along Marine Drive to Troutdale. There we pick up the Columbia Gorge Scenic Hwy, over Crown Points, Woman's Forum Viewpoint, and past all those falls. This is by far my favorite road in the Portland area.

At Multnomah Falls the 100k and 200k riders split up. The 100k riders can turn around and return the way they came. At Bridal Falls you can opt to climb back up over Crown Point and return to Troutdale. Or, you can jump on I-84 and return the the fast, flat and god-awful noisy way. If you have sufficient time, return via Crown Point as it is more pleasant and very different heading west.

Meanwhile, 200k riders will press on along the Bridge of the Gods and Stabler. From Multnomah Falls, continue east past many more falls, Ainsworth State Park and Frontage Rd to Dobson. At this point the options run out. You will be on I-84 for 2 miles to Bonneville exit. Here you return to the trail, hidden in the trees, "those stairs", a tunnel under I-84 and into Cascade Locks. Char Burger, just across the parking lot is a bike friendly stop. Then it is over the Bridge. For years they have charged cyclist $.50 but it is apparently free for cyclists now.

On the Washington side head west to Stevenson. There are a couple of paved side roads that are delightful. I will include them in the route sheet and you are free to go off-route on the longer, shaded, steeper and quieter roads to Stevenson.

From Stevenson head to Carson, there's some climbing from here to Stabler, short bits of steep. At Stabler, you return on the route as far as the Bridge of the Gods. From there continue west on Hwy 14 to Canyon Creek Rd. Instead of the more familar climb over Cape Horn via Hwy 14. You'll be taking the longer, much quieter, and less steep route via Canyon Creek and Washougal River. Once in Camas, it's on to Evergreen Hwy... the quiet alternative that parallels SR 14 to Vancouver. From there, it is over the I-205 Bike path to the Columbia Slough routes back to Wilshire Park (or Kennedy Schoolhouse Pub). We haven't decided yet on the exact finish. Both are a short distance apart.

Lynne and Cecil rode Bridge of the Gods (in the opposite direction) before I had decided on the Anniversary routes. You can read Lynne's account and Cecil's account of that ride, on much of the same route.

Final Route Sheets
200k route
100k route.

All riders should be familiar with and abide by rider expectations.

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