2007 Das Oktober Bingen Bikenfest


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Das Oktober Bingen Bikenfest Brevet
L=Left, R=Right, BR=Bear Right, BL=Bear Left, TA+Turn Around
Miles Leg Directions Km Km
00Dauebenmyer Park Bingen Start Time: 08:0000
0.10.1L onto SR 140.20.2
34.734.6L onto US 97 (up)55.955.7
45.310.6L onto SR 142 (Broadway St last Goldendale exit)72.917.1
45.40.1Control 1: Goldendale:
Opens: 10/06 10:09 Closes: 10/06 12:52
Food Mart/Subway/Dairy Queen
45.50.1L return to Broadway St. (Becomes SR 142)73.30.2
56.811.3R onto Glenwood Highway91.418.2
81.224.4Control 2: Glenwood:
Opens: 10/06 11:51 Closes: 10/06 16:44
Shade Tree Inn (on Right)
81.20R return to Main Street becomes Trout Lake Highway
Continue straight though Glenwood to Trout Lake
93.111.9BL follow curve to left just after downhill. Becomes Sunnyside Road149.919.2
94.61.5L onto Sunnyside S(outh)
turn left at T intersection sign
95.71.1Info Contol:
Black metal Trout Lake Farm sign on left facing Mt. Adams
(Answer question on card)
96.81.1R onto SR 141 (to Trout Lake)155.81.8
101.14.3BL follow curve on 141 to Trout Lake Store on Left162.86.9
101.20.1Control 3: Trout Lake
Opens: 10/06 12:48 Closes: 10/06 21:30
Trout Lake Store
101.20TA Turn around on 141 (to White Salmon)162.90
120.319.1S to stay on 141 (do not turn onto 141 Alt)193.730.8
125.14.8R onto SR 14201.47.7
125.30.2R on to Willow Street201.70.3
125.40.1Finish at Dauebenmyer Park, Bingen
Opens: 10/06 13:53 Closes: 10/06 21:30
John Kramer Cell 360-607-7477 Home 509-493-2474
Sunrise: 07:09
Sunset: 18:39

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