Verboort Sausage Populaire


Ride: Verboort Sausage Populaire
Contact: Oregon Randonneurs RBA
Date: Saturday November 3
Start Time: 9:00 AM Registration from 08:00 - 08:45
Start Location: Verboort -- meet near the porta potties
Finish By: 16:16 (4:16 PM)
Entry Fee: $5.

New Route... New Start Location
A pleasant loop through Washington and Columbia Counties with a great mix of gently rolling roads, a good climb, and 20 miles of car free multi-use path.

Theo's description of the route (with minor edits):

A strong North wind made for a slow first half of the route and suggested that Gales Creek is well named. That said, this was one of only a few times Iíve been on this road on a sunny day and I greatly enjoyed the pastoral scenery and occasional alpaca sighting. I was happy to reach the more heavily forested Timber Road and exchange my headwind for some elevation gain. The summit flattens out briefly and descends. I just couldnít bear to further interrupt the descent which already has some sharp switchbacks and a railroad crossing.

In Vernonia I decided that sitting down outside of the Black Bear Cafe and eating a sandwich would be better than a fast finish time. I did my best to pretend that sitting in the sunshine was warm and pleasant, but the wind made it quite chilly. They had the radio on and I heard the weatherman say that the wind was blowing at 14mph from the North West. Luckily, this is the halfway point and the loop returns South from here via the pleasant and carfree Banks-Vernonia Linear Park.

I made good time on the nearly empty trail and enjoyed the late evening sun casting shadows through the trees. The info control on the trail (which is also a bathroom) comes just before Tophill where you will actually descend an absurdly sharp set of switchbacks (signs say to walk bikes, but you can ride down easily if you use your brakes) and then ride back up the the trail. From Tophill, it is a gradual descent all the way into Banks and the flat for the last few miles into Verboort.

The ride starts and finishs in Verboort where you can feast at the annual Verboort Sausage & Kraut Dinner.

Check out Theo's photo sets from May Here

One of the purposes of a populaire is to introduce people to randonneuring. This ride will feature checkpoints where the rider must answer a question about their location; getting a signature or receipt at a business. The ride is unsupported and there is no Sag.

Portland Wheelman provides a non-randonneuring (shorter, free, and no card) ride that passes through Verboort. The description is Here.

The final cuesheet in XLS format.

All riders should be familiar with and abide by rider expectations.

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