Tygh Valley Traveller


Ride: Tygh Valley Traveller
Organizer: Lynne Fitzsimmons, Susan Otcenas
Date: Aug 4, 2012
Start Time: 5:00 am
Registration Time: 4:30 am - 4:50 am
Entry Fee: $30
Start Location: Fairfield Inn North Harbor, 1200 North Anchor Way, Portland, OR


Magestic mountain scenery. Crystalline lakes. Quiet forest service roads. Cowboy towns and country hospitality. Roaring rivers. You can experience it all on the new Tygh Valley Traveller 400K brevet!

Join us as we travel to some of Oregon's most spectacular places. This route will take you from Portland's east side, out the Springwater Corridor to Estacada. From Estacada we will travel upstream to Ripplebrook. The gentle climb along the Clackamas River will be a gentle warmup for the climbing to come. Just beyond Ripplebrook, the route turns onto quiet forest service routes where the real climbing begins. After topping out at 3500 feet, riders will visit spectacular Timothy Lake. If it's a hot day, you might want to take dip and cool off! Beyond Timothy Lake, the route continues to roll up and down a bit until it merges onto Hwy 26 for a brief stretch before turning onto Wapinitia Hwy. Enjoy the 30 mile descent to Maupin, the halfway point on the ride!

From Maupin, you'll travel to Tygh Valley. Along the way, you'll be treated to stunning views of Mt. Hood, along with many high desert vistas. After a control at the quaint Tygh Valley General Store, you'll turn westward again, back into the Mt. Hood National Forest where you will make the ascension to Government Camp on the shoulder of Mt. Hood, your next control. Another long descent follows! In Brightwood, the route will leave 26 and you will travel along the historic Barlow Trail rd, which follows the twists and turns of the Sandy River. A few more bumps in the road will take you to your final high point of the day (or night) in the small town of Corbett in the Columbia River Gorge. You will descend the old Crown Point Hwy back to the Sandy River and into Troutdale. Almost home now and nothing but a flat 20 miles between you and your bed. The moon will be almost completely full and glittering off the Columbia River as you travel the river front for many miles before finally turning inland to the finish.

This route has a fair bit of climbing (around 18,000 feet) and goes through some very remote areas where there will be no cell service. Riders are recommended to carry 3 water bottles and enough food to see them through several hours between services. Cue sheet will be annotated with water availability, and a manned control is planned for one particularly longish stretch where no other services are available.

Final, true, cuesheet (XLS) and a GPS Profile.

Preride: Report (Vinny Muoneke), Report (Kevin Brightbill) ,and Photos (Theo Roffe)


All riders should be familiar with and abide by rider expectations.

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