Multnomah Falls Populaire


Ride: Multnomah Falls Populaire
Organizer: Theo Elliot
Date: Saturday, May 12
Time: Start Time: 8:00AM Registration Time 7:00AM - 7:45AM
Start Location: Velo Cult, Portland OR
Address: 1960 NE 42nd Ave
Entry Fee: $5

Workers Ride Report: From Theo and David.


This ride starts Velo Cult NE Portland. We first head due North on 33rd, straight for the Columbia River. From there head east along Marine Drive to Troutdale. There we pick up the Columbia Gorge Scenic Hwy, over Crown Points, Woman's Forum Viewpoint, and past all those falls. This is by far my favorite road in the Portland area.

Turn around is Multnomah Falls. At Bridal Falls you can opt to climb back up over Crown Point and return to Troutdale. Or, you can jump on I-84 and return the the fast, flat and god-awful noisy way. If you have sufficient time, return via Crown Point as it is more pleasant and very different heading west.

The route sheet is now updated and ready: Multnomah Falls 100k route.

All riders should be familiar with and abide by rider expectations.

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