Oregon Coast 600
AKA The Bad News Bears Go to the Coast


Ride: Oregon Coast 600, AKA The Bad News Bears Go to the Coast!
Organizer: Joshua Bryant
Dates: May 22-23, 2010
Start Time: 6:00 AM.
Start/Finish Location: Grand Lodge, Forest Grove, OR
Overnight/Bag Drop: Motel 6, Lincoln City, OR 541-996-9900... Riders make their own room reservations/arrangements
Entry Fee: $20 Oregon Randonneurs membership required.


Okay, you read right, there is NO support along this route. Riders must exercise the Randonneuring ethos of self sufficiency. This means booking your own overnight accommodations, if you plan on sleeping. We will provide overnight drop bag service, but note, you MUST pick up and drop off your baggage to the organizers room if you wish to see everything at the end of the ride and please, keep your overnight bags to a manageable small size. We will not be responsible for baggage that does not make it back to us by the closing time of the overnight control.

Now, on to the fun stuff. I wanted a route that mimicked my imagination of what PBP might be like. No really long climbs, and nothing really flat for an extended period. In short: rolling terrain and fantastic roads. We're still in Oregon, so we won't have the fantastic crowds reported along PBP, but we will have fantastic scenery almost all the time.

The ride starts in the very familiar territory of Forest Grove. From there it heads out to Banks, where it picks up the Banks-Vernonia trail for some no-traffic riding into Vernonia, our first control. Then, on to Birkenfeld and Olney, where along the way, herds of elk are often spotted . From there, we make our way out to Fort Stevens State Park via bucolic farmland roads gaining information along the way. Then we bee-line south along 101 over a few "wake-up" rollers and then a quiet and fantastic Miami-Foley road where we can catch our breaths before re-joining 101 towards Tillamook. Then we head south on 101 to Sandlake road into Pacific City, the last supply stop for the day. Then we head south yet again on 101, turning onto Slab Creek road to grab yet more info, then on into the overnight of Lincoln City.

Riders are recommended to stay at the Motel 6 where the drop bags will be located. There is a Safeway that is open til 1am nearby.

Day 2 finds us along the quiet Siletz Hwy out to Siletz then Logsden rd to Logsden and then on to Blodgett. From here we head towards Dallas, then on to Dayton and Lafayette where we'll find familiar roads back into the finish of Forest Grove.

Any riders planning on riding through the night, please contact the organizer to understand the availability of supplies at night.

Final Cuesheet : Here is .xls form.
Profile : Here

All riders should be familiar with and abide by rider expectations.

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