Rider Information


Brevets are self-supported endurance rides. Though self-sufficiency is paramount, riders follow a strict set of rules. Read more to better prepare yourself for an enjoyable event...
You are highly encouraged to pre-register for any of the brevets you intend to ride. Pre-registration enables the host to plan and makes the brevet start smoother for everyone. Pre-registration may be delayed early in the season as the website is prepared for the year's events.
Membership Requirements
You must be a member of Oregon Randonneurs to ride most events. It does not matter if you only ride one brevet or 20. There are no additional entry fees except for events that require significant organization or support. Many of the events in the early and late season are free and have no membership requirements. Populaires (under 200k) are also free and do not require membership.
Cuesheets with course directions are available to all starters on the morning of the brevet. Maps are not provided. Please consider printing your own cuesheet; most randonneurs do this already.
Control Cards
Riders are personally responsible for having their cards properly completed at the controls. We use businesses for most of our controls. Please purchase something from the store to justify the clerk's time in signing you control card. Be sure to fill out you name, address and sign you card before turning it in at the end of the ride. (Tip: Do this at the start). If you lose you card during the event. Use your cuesheet as you would a card for the remainder of the event. Often a rider behind you will pick up your card and carry it to the finish. The RBA makes the decision as to if credit is given for a lost card. Bring a pencil to answer questions on the card at informational controls.
Lighting Requirements
Lights and reflective gear are required if you ride during the dark or low visibility conditions. Events over 200k require lighting. If you ride during dark or low visibility conditions without the proper equipment you will be disqualified. The minimum requirements are front and rear lights, a reflective sash or vest, and reflective bands on each ankle. For useful guidelines refer to RUSA Reflectivity Guidelines.
Rider Responsibilities
Read the Rules for Riders on the RUSA website. Additionally you may want to read RUSA's general information and FAQs. Riders are expected to be self-sufficient! Pack everything you need to repair multiple flats and the tools you need to make minor repairs. A map holder and baggie are recommended to hold the cuesheet. If riding at night have a light to illuminate the cuesheet. Bring sufficient cash to purchase food & drink along the route. Bring enough food and drink to start and get you to the first control or services.
Day of Ride Process
Riders should arrive at the brevet's starting location at least 30 minutes before its scheduled start. You will sign the Liability Release. The host will check if you are a club member and then provide you with your Control/Brevet Card and Cuesheet. Ride announcements are generally 5 minutes before the start time. The event starts promptly at the times stated and if we are still processing your paper work, then you will start late!
Abandons & Emergencies
In case of an injury, call 911 first. We are concerned with your safety and well-being, but we are not qualified to assist in such an emergency. If you abandon, call the number listed on your brevet card. Please let us know so we won't be waiting for you at the end of the ride or call your emergency contact to check if you are OK. Our rides do not provide a sag vehicle.
Respect for Volunteers and Officials
Participants are expected to be civil and respectful towards each other, ORR volunteers, RUSA officials, and anyone else participating in our branch of randonneuring. Inflammatory/disparaging personal remarks will not be tolerated. At the discretion of the RBA, non-compliance with this rule may result in either a private warning or immediate removal/banning from participation with the group.
Results are available for RUSA members on the website. Results can take anywhere from a few days to a month to process.
Commemorative medals are available from RUSA. You must be a member in good standing to qualify for a medal.