Wine Country Tour Populaire


Ride: Wine Country Tour 100K Populaire
Organizers: Paul Whitney, Julie Whitney 509-438-2934
Date: Saturday November 25
Check In and Registration: 8:00 to 8:45 AM
Start Time: 9:00am
Start Location: McMenamins Grand Lodge, Forest Grove, Oregon
Address: 3505 Pacific Ave. Forest Grove, Oregon
Entry fee: $0, We will put out a donation can to help defer expenses. You do not need to be a member of Oregon Randonneurs for this event.
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Tour through the rolling Yamhill Valley.

The First Ever ORR dinner will be after the ride at McMenamins starting at 4:00pm, stay for dinner after the ride, and stay tuned for more dinner details.

We reprise, with some modifications, last year's Populaire. This year, e're starting later at 9:00am (from the east end of the Grand Lodge parking lot) to minimize the chance of ice and maximize the opportunity for a good breakfast. In addition to the later start time, the route is modified to lessen encounters with fast highway traffic.

We will not have a 200K option this year.

Ride Report for This Year's Route

from Susan France
I prerode the route Sat. It was dry except for some damp fog in the morning. Within 10 miles the raincoat was off and I remained perfectly comfortable the remainder of the day in my wool jersey with 2 thin layers beneath, knickers with wool longjohns, toe covers, light earband, and thin gloves.

The route first goes to Stringtown Rd. Remember not to shortcut the route just because you know a better way to Stringtown Rd. You'll be sorry you did so.

Montimore Vineyards is on the right just before Dilley. They were trimming vines with a big ole vine-trimming machine as I passed. The route differs after leaving Dilley. Head to Cherry Grove through Patton Valley. This is a nice out and back road that really doesn't go anywhere so there's not much in the way of traffic. A black lab might jump out at you at mile 15, "get home" pretty much all that is needed. There is an info control in Cherry Grove. Don't forget to bring a pencil to write the answer on your card.

Gaston, is a good place to stock up if you need any food, water, coffee or bathroom. A couple blocks straight ahead past the left hand turn is the market. They have restrooms in the back if you ask. Drive through coffee shack marks the turn out of town.

Another info control on Laughlin Rd. either an info control or sticker to place on your card. If you think you'll be able to get a sticker on the return trip... you'll be sorry. We have route fairies who cleverly remove such things after the last riders pass through. You'll pass a couple more vineyards on Laughlin Rd.

Yamhill has a market and couple cafes.

Carlton has plenty to offer. They seem to be reinventing the town. There are at least 3 tasting rooms and I suspect I missed a few. There is a few cafes. I usually stop at the Penguin Cafe on the left whenever I need to stop...but Lafayette awaits. More wineries leaving town.

Lafayette is an open control. Favorite places in town include the small Mexican place (Lucy's?) on the left just a block straight past the Bridge St turn (you'll need to double back) This small restaurant is surprisingly fast to whip up some great food. Since I carry all my food I usually opt for the new Shell station near Lincoln. Mike's Market on Bridge St used to be the only option in town but it's pretty dumpy. The Shell station has a clean restroom and a nice kitchen sink to refill your bottles. Cheap coffee with self-dispensed creamer to make it palatable. Clif bars and Little Debbie Snacks. What more could one need?

Leaving Lafayette, Abbey Rd should be used to be quiet...nowadays everyone is on their way to a fire. Two B&Bs and more wineries. You pass the Trappist Abbey (Fruitcake is their specialty.)

North Valley, Springhill and Fern Hill are wetland areas. You'll likely be entertained at the stopover for migrating waterfowl as you make your way back to the Grand Lodge.

Distance is 112km (70miles), elevation gain 3300.

Dinner reservations are at 4pm in the dining room. Bring a change of clothes, towel, swimsuit and take advantage of the "hot soaking pool". Pay $5 at the front desk for a key. Show your dinner receipt after dinner and they'll return your $5. What a deal.

One of the purposes of a populaire is to introduce people to randonneuring This ride will feature checkpoints where the rider must answer a question about their location; getting a signature or receipt at a business; a staffed control with food, drink and chairs; and the ever popular "secret" control with volunteers waiting for your arrival by the side of the road.

All riders should be familiar with and abide by rider expectations.

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