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2014 Brevet Schedule


**NOTE** Brevet Information/Registration is usually available 2-4 weeks prior to the brevet

Date Distance Brevet Name
Mar 22 100km (RUSA) Rickey's Populaire (#239)
Brevet Information
April 5 200 km (ACP) Banks-Elsie (#1310)
Brevet Information
April 19 300 km (ACP) Three Capes (#59)
Brevet Information
May 10 400 km (ACP) Eden's Gate 400 (#299)
Brevet Information
May 10 200 km (ACP) Covered Bridges 200 (#298)
Brevet Information
June 7-8 600 km (ACP) Spring 600
July 12 300 km (ACP) Summer 300
July 13 200 km (ACP) Summer 200
Sept 6 200 km (ACP) Bend
October 4 200 km (ACP) Bikenfest
November 1 100km (RUSA) 9th Annual-Verboort Sausage Populaire

Oregon 2014 Brevet Series
These dates are submitted as Audax Club Parisian and RUSA sanctioned events.

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